MONEY KEEPERS - reliable investment, stable earnings.

MONEY KEEPERS is a special program developed by EURO INVEST BRABANT LIMITED, our service is designed in such a way that we guarantee a high level of security for your income and investments. Therefore, your personal income is calculated daily. And also we guarantee the absence of hidden commissions and payments. Our goal is maximum transparency in working with our partners, and each of the users is our partner.

MONEY KEEPERS provides the possibility of cloud mining anywhere in the world where any kind of Internet is available. And also engaged in investment activities.

The project was created by specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies and engineering technologies based on one of the most powerful mining centers in the world. We do not just love cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. We know how it works and how to get the highest possible income from it. Understanding the importance of innovative technologies in general and the blockchain in particular, our team does a great job every day to develop not only our community and resources, but the entire industry as a whole. EURO INVEST BRABANT LIMITED began its activities in 2018 and in a fairly short time became one of the leading representatives of the crypto market.

Despite the fact that many companies declare a strong and professional team, we prove this in practice. The company EURO INVEST BRABANT LIMITED has brought together under its leadership experts in many related fields and, of course, cryptocurrency experts.

At this stage, our company works with cloud mining of cryptocurrencies, such as: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others.

Earn with us!

# Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies we work with

In our service we use the most optimal and stable currencies to better guarantee your earnings from investments...













# Advantages

Why are we the best

Our company has assembled a team of real professionals in the field of investment, analytics, and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Functional personal account

Profitable affiliate program

High mining speed

Large selection of cryptocurrencies

# Functional

Personal Area

We have available only current cryptocurrencies for mining

You can withdraw earned funds in a way convenient for you

You can use the mining profitability calculator to calculate

To increase income, you can use the affiliate program

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# Calculator

Mining profitability calculator

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Questions - Answers

In this section you can find answers to the most common questions.

1. How to register for EURO INVEST BRABANT LIMITED?

In order to register on our service, you need to fill out a special form and then use the authorization form.

2. What cryptocurrencies can I mine?

Our service and the software used allows you to mine the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Dollar

3. Is there a subscription fee?

No, registration is absolutely free.

4. Is there a minimum fixed amount for withdrawing funds?

Yes, in our service the minimum amount for withdrawing funds is $ 1.

5. How often can I withdraw earned funds?

You can withdraw income to bank cards or other payment systems on the Internet once a day.

6. How fast will I start earning?

Your personal income begins to accrue immediately after signing and checking the contract.

7. Do you provide any incentives for attracted partners?

Of course, through a special, individual link, you can invite a new user to register and receive 10% of the funds contributed by him, as well as directly for each invite you will receive 5 GHS to your mining speed.